Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures and a few more pictures just for luck

Here are a bunch of pictures that I keep saying I will post but haven't yet. This first bunch is from when my friend Jackie came to look at grad school in Chicago.

Left: Here we are at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago where my sister attempted to strike me down in front of a reproduction of Hammurabi's Code.

Right: Everybody loves the Bean. I don't get it. It's a hunk of reflective metal in the middle of Millennium Park that is really called “Cloud Gate.” It's shiny and huge and odd shaped and doesn't look anything like a cloud. Maybe if I was from Seattle I'd find it more interesting.

They were having this Prop 8 protest at Daley Plaza while Jackie was visiting as well. I don't know if I had ever seen protesters of a protest before, but there were people on both sides of the street, police all around and a lot of heated opinions.

Left: Here we are with our good friend Sue who lives at the Field Museum. We got to know Sue pretty well, like that she is 67 million years old, is 13 feet tall, had a bone disease and might not have actually been female. This also isn’t really Sue’s head--the real one is displayed on the second floor but was too heavy to put on the skeleton.

Right: This is just a cute picture of me. I never like pictures of me, so I want to show off this one, at least until I stop liking it.

The next set of pictures is from my road trip to Washington, DC. We got a later start than I had hoped, so it was dark by the time we got to all of the pretty stuff in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Pretty much all I saw was this...

(the back of the trailer loaded with all my stuff) and this...
(way too many tollbooths) and this...

(it being a holiday weekend, the police were out in force). Not very exciting, I know.

Then the next day we unloaded and my roommate’s boyfriend (fiance as of last week) helped put all my furniture together. Go Kevin!

The final set of pictures is from New Years.

Left: This is my new haircut that only the stylist will ever get to look this good. I can’t figure out how she did it, and I was watching her and she was explaining what she was doing to me the entire time. I just don’t get it.

Right: Celeste, Corinna and I went up to Maryland to see our old roommate Kit who is serving a mission in Baltimore. Kit was singing with a bunch of missionaries for the Festival of Lights at the Washington DC LDS Temple, and since that is only about half an hour from where we live, we snuck up and saw her. We dragged Kevin with us as well so he could take pictures.

Sometimes I’d just like to capture a moment in time and never let it go--this was one of those moments. What a way to start the New Year off right.

So now I am caught up. Hopefully I will be able to buy a new camera next month so I can take my own pictures and not fall so far behind again. While this was fun, editing, uploading and captioning all these pictures takes way too long.

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