Monday, January 26, 2009

My nose is cold and my feet are too

Was it really just Friday that I went outside without my coat and still felt plenty warm? I don't know what world I woke up thinking I lived in, but the skirt and high heels I donned really weren't made for the snow that greeting me when I opened my front door this morning. I just keep reminding myself that I could be in Salt Lake City (25 degrees) or Chicago (17 degrees) or Rexburg, ID (13 degrees). The best news is that it's supposed to be up in the 40's again by the weekend.

Because I haven't posted in almost a week and the week before that all my posts were inauguration related, there is so much I could post about. I could write about how annoying Rod Blagojevich is or outline my picks for the Oscars or I could give my reaction to the numerous TV shows that have started up again (Lost, Bones, Burn Notice, Battlestar Galactica). I could even respond to the ALA literary awards.

What then, you ask, am I going to post about on this cold day?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

American Idol news, of course.

I know I'm a couple days behind the times posting about that. But I have a very good reason for not posting about the Joanna Pacitti Contraversy until now. I haven't written about it before now because I didn't know about it before now. I don't watch American Idol, nor do I listen to songs by former Idol contestants. In fact, the one season I actually watched the show, at the encouragement of my former-roommate Tammy who is totally obsessed with Idol, I was so devastated that Melinda Doolittle didn't win that I have never bothered watching the show again.

But now, I am breaking my vow of Idol-silence and saying WTF? For a show that scouts out undiscovered talent, they sure do know how to unearth has-beens-who-never-should've-beens. I have now listened to one of Pacitti's songs, and I hope never to have to listen to another one again. Her first record crashed and burned, not because it wasn't pushed by the record label, but because it was a horrible record. What makes her and the Idol producers think she has a chance of making it a second (or is that fifth?) time around?

I think this is just another way for the Death Star of prime-time TV to keep viewers coming back. I may be opinionated on this subject, but you still aren't suckering me into watch your show again, Simon Cowell!


  1. Oh. My. Heck! The world is surely ending if you're commenting on American Idol! I just read that post and just about died! I couldn't believe it! Yes, I read about the whole Joanna Pacetti thing last week, but I haven't thought too much about it truthfully. The girl reminds me a lot of Carly Smithson from last season (in somewhat of a similar situation) who was a nice addition. I guess we'll just have to see how far Joanna can go.

  2. How about YOU see how far Joanna can get? I still won't be watching.