Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Edition

In high school, I was totally into football, in part because I was totally into the Green Bay Packers, but mostly because had a huge crush on one of the JV football players my freshman year who would sit next to me during all the varsity games and explain the rules and tell stories and stare longingly into my eyes. Okay, so maybe that last part was just my over-active teenage imagination. I went to all the school games, followed pro teams and even kept up on college stats.

Now I don't really care about football, but the Super Bowl is always a good excuse to get together with friends and eat junk food. Last night I was with a bunch of friends from all over the country (California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New York, North Carolina), and I didn't really care who won, so I said I was rooting for whatever team was winning. And for the majority of the night, I was a Steelers fan. And for a few minutes late in the fourth quarter, I was a Cardinals fan. And in the end, I was a Steelers fan and a Cardinals fan.

Best moments of the game:
1. The 100-yard touchdown by James Harrison. I totally got goose bumps when this happened, and then I thought I might see that poor linebacker keel over from a heart attach after that mad dash. I want to know why Harrison didn't receive the MVP award.

2. The Boss's kneel-slide into the camera. I'm not a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, but the best moment of half-time was when he knocked over the camera, shrugged off the flub and kept on singing. We were all just glad there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction at that moment.

3. Kurt Wanner's spectacular plays. You have to admire Kurt Wanner and his QB skills. He almost pulled it off, too. But while his team is lighter and faster, the Steelers just have far more experience and had overall better plays. I might just become a football fan again to see what this guy pulls off next year.

4. Larry Fitzgerald and the safety seen around the world. I couldn't believe he made it over the line of that 1-yard play! And then the 2-point safety, and then the break away, and then touchdown. I couldn't believe what was happening so late in the game!

5. Santonio Holmes toe-touching touchdown. Everyone was on their feet for that play, especially when just seconds before he had let a game-winning pass slip though his fingers, literally. I think his toes touched by shear force of will.

Seriously, this was the most exciting game ever. I think I am a football fan again. And maybe next year, I'll be supporting the Cardinals.

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