Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That great cookie monopoly we call the Girl Scouts

I will admit, I was once a cookie pusher for the Girl Scout of America. And I was dang good at it, too. So now I feel a sense of duty to buy cookies from whomever asks me. This wasn't a problem when I was working at a school where several of the girls sold cookies every year. I'd just buy two boxes from the first person who asked me and then one box from the next two or three girls. Then I would have a decent stash of cookies to share with coworkers, my writers' group, roommates, friends.

But this year it was like the night before a big storm when everyone high-tails it to the grocery store to stock up because who knows when the roads will be clear enough for you to make it to the store again. I was forced to buy more cookies than I care to admit from the first person who asked me because I wasn't sure anyone else would ask. And it's a good thing I did!

While only three boxes are pictured here, let me assure you that there are more where they came from. After all, I was just trying to support a good cause.

When I was a kid, Tagalongs were my favorite, but I think I like Thin Mints best now. Which is your favorite?

Do you think the GSA can supply me with cookies intravenously?

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