Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, manuscript, what you knowing?

I feel like I am living in this haze at the moment. After spending over a year focusing so hard on getting one manuscript ready for marketing, I am ready to move on. That's right, I've started something totally new. And totally different.

While working on my last manuscript, I never really stop working on other projects, but some characters had louder voices in my head than others and so I had to get their story written before I could really concentrate on what anyone else was tell me. So I've been really worried that for the past few months, things have been kind of silent up there. I tried pulling out some old things to work on to see if those characters would start talking to me again. I wrote some short stories hoping to invite someone new to take up residence. I even started researching for a new non-fiction piece in order to call up some voices from the dust. But nothing was really coming alive for me.

Then a couple of kids moved in and wouldn't vacate the premisses. So now I have the voice of this sixteen-year-old girl echoing in my head, and I can't stop typing the most amazing things she is whispering to me. She and her best friend have an incredible story to tell, and though it's completely different from anything I have ever written or ever attempted to write, I feel blessed that they have chosen me to tell their story.

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  1. How exciting! I can't wait to read these girls' story either! I'm so happy to see you be able to fulfill your writing dreams!