Friday, May 1, 2009

Living the good week

A lot of people post a Friday Five, and I realized I have never done that before. This was a really good week, so I could probably post a Friday Fifteen or even Fifty, but that would be a really long post. And it's getting late, and I'm getting up early.

1. Music, music, music. I downloaded Melinda Doolittle's new CD Coming Back to You, which has some pretty good tunes.

2. I also finally downloaded a modern Cajun CD that was featured on NPR a few months ago--Cow Island Hop by Feufollet. Their female vocalist has an incredible voice that make me dream of being back on the bayou.

3. I went to a concert for a local high school that had a bunch of student's release a CD. Goading the Pen's son played an acoustic set as well as performed with his band Only on Fridays. These kids write and produce all of their own music, and it will make you wish you were that cool in high school. You can download their CD, Salmagundi: A Collection of Things, on iTunes.

4. I got an ARC of Bennett Madison's The Blonde of the Joke in the mail. (Thanks Bennett!) I haven't had a lot of time to read, so I'm only 75 pages into it, but I can't get it out of my head. The main character fascinates me, and I can't wait to find out how everything comes together.

5. My new bathing suit came in the mail. Yes, I was brave a bought a bathing suit online. And it fits perfectly. And doesn't look half bad on me. And didn't cost me a fortune. I haven't gotten a new suit for almost five years, so I'm excited to take this one out for a test swim. Now it just has to stop raining and get warm again.

What a great week. In the past seven days, I got to see my little brother, heard some great music, got a fabulous un-birthday present book in the mail and got summer clothes. Plus, the Sox are first in their division, and tomorrow a bunch of us are going to the open house on Embassy Row. Summer is just around the corner, and life couldn't be better.

Oh yes, number six. I finally got up my nerve to start sending my manuscript off to agents. Okay, so I've only sent it to one thus far, but it still feels good to be moving forward with the process.

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