Monday, October 12, 2009

The Dark Side of Writing

I love writing. Seriously love it. I've even loved the outlining, the research, the revisions. And I've been blessed with a lot of very supportive people who encourage me to keep going through writer's block and grant applications and waiting. But this has to be the worst part of the entire experience.

Finding an agent.

I've only sent one agent query and was lucky to have received a kind rejection, but I know that to have any chance of getting published I have to get serious about finding an agent. Thanks to Mr. Christopher Columbus, I had an entire day to do nothing but research agents and decide who I want to query. And after five hours of compiling mailing lists, scoping agency sites, seeing what authors had to say and reading submission guidelines, I finally know who I want to send my manuscript to.

So bring it on, agents. I'm ready for your rejection, but please let there be someone out there who has faith in my writing. I have a lot more to write, and I need someone who will be with my for the long-haul.

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