Sunday, January 3, 2010

Entering the 21st Century...Again

We have a connection! After a week with no internet, I am once again online. You never realize how much you do online until you can't do it anymore. From getting work done to paying bills to looking up word origins to staying connected with friends. Oh, yes, and Mafia Wars--can't forget that. A lot of my time is spent online. And because my roommate is still visiting her family, I have felt totally cut off from the world. I can go hours without talking to anyone and have watched a lot of movies in the past week just so there are some voices in the apartment.

Speaking of the apartment, I moved again. Yes, again. But I promise this will be the last time for at least a year, hopefully more. I used to love moving. It gave me the chance to purge unwanted stuff, meet new people and get a fresh perspective. But after being in six places in the past two years, I am really ready for some consistency in my life.

Wow, I never though I would say that.

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