Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic spectator to Olympic participant?

As I've been watching the Olympic games the past (almost) two weeks, I've been thinking about what give Olympians the motivation to do what they do. They spend so many hours pushing their bodies to go a little faster, bend a little farther, be a little better. They sacrifice so much to do the unthinkable. Their entire career comes down to just a few seconds within a few days--to prove they deserve to be named among the greatest in the world.

Boy do I feel lazy.

Or at least I did, until I thought about how much effort I put into my own craft. The hours I spend reading and writing every day. The years I spent (actually studying) in school. The money I have invested in notebooks and pencils and computer supplies. All the times I stayed home to write one more chapter or the relationships I've neglected to go to the library and do hours of research for just one passage.

I may not be a world-class anything, but I do have something I feel passionate about, something I work at to push a little further and do a little more.

I am a writing-Olympic hopeful.

P.S. See what the girls over at Throwing Up Words have in store for other writing-Olympic hopefuls in the month of March. You won't be disappointed.

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