Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring is right around the corner?

It almost feels like spring. Almost. Most of the snow has melted, except in those scattered areas where it was once pilled higher than my head. We're starting to talk about the community garden plot we'll be renting this year. And I bought my first concert ticket.

Music really is a huge part of my summer, and I'm excited that my first concert of the year will be to see a local(ish) band that I have been a big fan of since I moved to D.C. So thanks to Shamrock Fest, I'll get to see Carbon Leaf and a bunch of other bands to kick of the concert season.

We've also started going out again. The snow puts a serious damper on getting together with friends, especially in a town where there are about two cars for every one parking space and almost everyone's main form of transportation is the Metro. But Friday we went to Busboys and Poets where the service was horrible but the food and books were fabulous. And Saturday we went to a Korean karaoke bar where I lost my voice signing Beatles and Amy Winehouse songs.

I'm finally feeling human again now that I can leave the house. Bring it on, Spring! I'm ready for you.

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