Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Friday Five (a day early)

Because I'll be at work, in the air and with my family, I wanted to post a Friday Five on Thursday. I'm really excited to be going to Chicago this weekend, and I just couldn't help but post the five things I'm looking forward to the most.
  1. The Food—Portillos, here I come! My sister is also making some peanut butter brownie thing that sounds fantastic, and I'm a fan of those traditional Easter treats deviled eggs and ham. I probably won't have time for Chicago-style pizza, but my digestive system will thank me for that later.
  2. Aunt Chris' Hoppin' Easter Bash—Every year my aunt goes all out for Easter, but I'm never able to be there. This year, I get to enjoy all the family festivities first-hand and not just hear about it on Facebook. Plus, one of my cousins is having a baby soon, and I can't wait to see her big, pregnant belly, especially since I was away at school when she had her first one.
  3. Beating Tom (at a game, not violently)—I love my sister's boyfriend, I really do. But he needs to learn that talking smack and actually winning are two different things. He may talk the talk, but I've got the skills to walk the walk.
  4. The Polish Museum of America—I get to finish up my research on Casimir Pulaski and talk to the experts at the largest Polish history/culture museum outside Poland. Despite my Polish ancestry, I've never actually been there before, and going somewhere new in the city is always fun. Unfortunately, my appointment at the museum is at the same time as the Sox's opening game so I won't be able to do both. Look at the sacrifice I am making for knowledge!
  5. Getting Away from Washington—I work for a health care reform organization, and things have been a little nuts lately. I mean, I don't get it, it's not like there's anything really big going on right now. My head is hurting trying to understand the new legislation and help answer questions. Reporters have been getting way too much of my time lately, and now I get to spend it on more important things like my family.
I plan on this being the best weekend ever. Even if it's 50 degrees out and they lose my luggage, nothing is going to stop me from having a blast. I just hope you weekend will be as good as mine.

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