Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Write what you (don't) know

One of the best things about writing is that you get to research some facinating topics you never expected to learn about.

While working for the PR department of a university, I was writing a lot of press releases about plays and dance team performances and vocal recitals. Through that, I got to know the costume mistress pretty well. I even ended up doing a feature on her because I loved sitting in her room watching her sew. Though the room was quite large to accommodate all of the items she needed to produce costumes, it was probably the coziest spot on campus. All the sewing machines, manikins, clothing racks, fabric bolts made the room so intimate and colorful I could have watched her work for hours.

That was so long ago I had almost forgotten all about the costume mistress. But then I found myself revisiting those long ago chats and wishing I still had my notes from those interviews for my current WIP. Instead I'm having to satisfy myself reading about Colleen Atwood. She is my new hero. She did the costume designs for my favorite album

(The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance)

as well as some of the best movie eye-candy of all time.

(Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd)

I might have a hard time getting an interview with Colleen Atwood, but I'm going to find contact information for that costume mistress who's name I long ago forgot. She's a part of my story now, and I hope I'll be able to give her credit for it some day.

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