Saturday, July 10, 2010

Looking for New England

So I didn't really have a traditional Boston 4th of July with patriotic music and fireworks over the Freedom Trail. But I did have a lot of fun visiting with my little brother. He's one of my biggest supporters. He even asked me to send him a PDF of my bayou book so he could read it during his last tour on the sub. While his stamp of approval won't get me published, it's kind of cool to think of him coming to love my characters at 20,000 leagues under the sea. After all, how many authors can say that about their books?

(This picture's for you, Mom.)

We stayed at the Constitution Inn on the north end of the city. Though the neighborhood is called the Navy Yard, there's no active base there, and hasn't been for more than 50 years.

(The view from our room was interesting at best, but at least we were close to the city and right on the waterfront.)

I also met up with an old college friend whom I haven't seen for more than nine years. We were planning on meeting for a late lunch and ended up hanging out until well after dinner. You have to love those friends who make it feet like you've never been apart. Though it was nearing 100 degrees, we bet the heat by walking through one of Boston's many spray parks and eating cannolis in the shade at Columbus Park.

(We didn't get as wet as these kids, but we still had fun.)

And of course, what would the holidays in New England be with out clams and lobster? My brother's shipmate's girlfriend's mom (got that straight?) made us this totally amazing dinner with steamed clams and lobster, fresh vegetables and the blest fresh blueberry cobble I have ever tasted. It was great to get to meet new people and enjoy a delicious meal. Plus, I'd never had lobster before, but it was pretty easy to get the hang of after how much crawfish I eat while living in Louisiana.

(Don't tell anyone in New Orleans, but I think lobster tastes a lot better.)

Spending time with my brother made the whirlwind trip well worth the effort. With him out in Hawaii and me down in DC, we almost never get to see each other. Meeting up in Boston was more than just a good excuse to eat well and get away for awhile--it was good for my heart.

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