Friday, July 23, 2010

Mothers and Daughters

I have two house guests this weekend, and while one actually is my mom, the other might as well be my mom, too, which means I will never feel like my house is clean enough for them.

I spent all last night laundering linens and going grocery shopping. (I couldn't let my two moms think I sleep on dirty sheet and eat nothing but take-out.) This morning I woke up early to scour the bathroom before work. And I went home for lunch to clean my floors.

That makes it sound like either my house is a disaster or these two women will think less of me if my house isn't immaculate. Neither one of these scenarios is true, but I think it's programmed into daughters to crave approval from our mothers. We want them to see what perfect women we have turned out to be. That we ourselves are the perfect housekeepers/mothers/hostesses/workers. That we have full lives and accomplish great things all while keeping a perfect house.

My mother will love me, dirty house or clean, empty cupboards or full. But isn't it nice to know that my mom will have a clean bathroom to use while she's here? After all, nothing is too good for the woman who raised me.

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