Monday, August 2, 2010

When three farmers met in a field

Yesterday was Swiss National Day, and as we have a friend from Switzerland visiting with us for the month (yes, they get a lot of vacation time over in Europe), we decided to do something special for the day. So we made a huge feast (including some of the best peach crumble I have ever eaten), and headed to a local park.

From what I understand, Swiss National Day commemorates these three farmers who got together in a valley in the Alps to talk about peace and escaping Austrian rule. Though Switzerland didn't have an official constitution until the mid-1800's, and it wasn't even recognized as an independent country until the 17th century, the Swiss celebrate the beginning on their country all the way back around 1300 AD.

We didn't have an Alps surrounded field to meet in, and the city doesn't exactly approve of personal fireworks, but we did enjoy a great picnic surrounded by tons of fireflies. We even made Erich sign the Swiss Psalm (their national anthem) and explain how Switzerland can stay neutral during every modern war.

Sometimes it's nice to remember that America isn't the only great country in the world.

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