Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Five: An Unholiday Weekend

1. My life has been so busy the past few months that I refuse to do anything but mundane chores this weekend. I'll go grocery shopping, see a movie and finish reading my book. It might even get a bit wild and crazy when I go to renew my membership at Mt. Vernon.

2. I have no idea what movie I want to see. As I rarely go to the movies, I'm not quite sure what I'm in the mood to spend that much money on. Maybe Bridesmaids for a laugh or Thor for some eye candy. There's always nostalgia with On Stranger Tides, or I could go the more intellectual rout and see The Tree of Life. But an insane little part of me suspects I'll be heading to X-Men: First Class as I suspect it has a good bit of nostalgia and eye candy.

3. Now that all of my books are cataloged, I keep wanting to read them all again. Just knowing they're sitting there, unread and lonely, makes makes my fingers itch to pick them up and delve into some of my favorite stories.

4. Revisions aren't as painful as I expected them to be. Because I'll be applying to grad school soon, I need to have some really solid writing samples. While I love working on new pieces, coming back to some of my old work has been fun and enlightening. I'm able to see a lot of my mechanical weaknesses and fix a lot of narrative issues I wouldn't have known were issues five years ago. Time and experience have given me a new perspective.

5. Watch out, Dad, I've got plans for Father's Day. Okay, so they're not particularly good or exciting plans, but they're plans none the less.


  1. Bridesmaids was pretty good. My brother went to see it with me and he kept asking, "Is that what girls are really like?" And I informed him they truly can be like that. It was funny.

  2. Steph, you would be a blast to see that move with!