Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Baseball, Oh My

Holidays in Washington, DC, are the best. Seriously. There are always things to do and people visiting. The city gets this zap of energy that makes everything seem much more alive. Have I mentioned I love holidays? And living in DC?

This year, my friend's sister Katy came to visit. And since I love both Katy and baseball, they invited me to a game. Of course we were in the nosebleed seats, but it's not important where you sit at a ballgame...'s what you eat. And eat we did. Nachos and hot dogs, funnel cake and custard. A Shake Shack opened at the ballpark this season, and while I LOVE their food (especially their shakes), it just doesn't taste the same when it's not in NYC. But that won't stop me from getting Shake Shack when I go to the game this Friday.

We also had some friends visiting form North Carolina. Annie and Tim are some of my favorite people in the world, and their baby Maddie isn't so bad either. I haven't been to the National Zoo in about eight years, so that's where we spent our entire Saturday.

Despite the rain, we got to see pretty much everything. The pandas were being lazy and slept through our entire visit. The apes were being cliche and eating bananas. A friendly monkey came out to greet us from a branch right above our heads. The cheetahs and clouded leopard were a bit difficult to spot until their, well, spots gave them away. And the sloth bear...let's just say he wasn't very polite.

Best of all, the lion was going crazy—we think it was time for his lunch. There was a huge crowd gathered around, but you can still hear him loud and clear.

While Maddie loved it all, she was totally fascinated by the fish. We could have spent the entire day by the tanks and she would have been content watching them. Next time they visit, we'll make sure to hit the aquarium.

It was such a great holiday weekend. And while our apartment it much quieter without a 15-month-old baby and my stomach is begging me never to feed it like that again, I already miss the holiday crowd. Good thing I still have Columbus Day and Halloween and Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving and my birthday and Christmas and New Year's Eve before it all starts over again next year.

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