Friday, January 6, 2012

Forced Blog Hiatus

Not that going internetless is always a bad thing, but I'm still without a connection even though I was supposed to be back online almost a month ago. This has just given me more time to fret about grad school apps and catch up on Dexter and spend a little more time at the gym. Thank heavens I have a smart phone or I'd feel totally cut off from the world. How sad is that?

Thinking back, I hardly remember a time without internet. As early as first grade, I would dial directly into the library computers to put books on hold, and when this new thing called "electronic mail" came out, my fifth-grade science teacher found us some keyboard pals in Georgia. While texting and wireless internet are commonplace now, it was something I grew up only seeing on Star Trek. Which makes me feel rather old--and more than a bit nerdy.

Back to the point. I know I've woefully neglected my "Upcoming Books" reading list, and I haven't posted any pictures since early November. Unfortunately, you can't expect to see too much from me in the next month. Maybe a book review if I can find anything in the mess of my home library, and there will probably be highlights from next week's Tour de Nerdfighting stop in DC. But I still need to finish unpacking and submit my grad school app essays. So the sporadic blogging continues into the new year.