Monday, March 12, 2012

A Commitment from a Commitment Phobe

I have officially committed to attending the Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing for Children & Young Adults MFA program starting this summer. And for someone who has trouble deciding which shoe to put on first, it was not an easy decision to make. But thanks to a generous scholarship, a schedule more friendly for maintaining work responsibilities and the advice from some very wise creative writing professors, I'm totally at peace with my decision.

Okay, maybe not totally at peace. I'm still slightly panicked at how I'm going to pay for this, get all of my work work and school work done, and survive Vermont in winter. Knowing "Vermont should be beautiful [that] time of year, with all that snow" brings me no comfort. Between Wisconsin, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Idaho, I thought I'd served my time in snowscaped states.

Yet even before the winter term comes (You know, after the summer term that starts in LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS!), I feel a bit like I'm going spelunking without a flashlight. No matter how many people I've talked to who have completed the VCFA program or how many questions I pepper the VCFA faculty and staff with, I still have no idea what to expect or even what is expected of me.

I think this might be worse than going to college right after high school.

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