Monday, April 23, 2012

A Place for Every Book

I've been collecting pictures of interesting bookshelves for a few years now, and I thought it might be about time to share some of my favorites. I do not own any of these book storage devices, but I have tried to attribute them as clearly as possible. These designers, architects and innovators deserve major kudos.

Home Library Balcony
(This one's driving me a little nuts because I can't track down the original designer or even where to purchase this amazing litecture feat.)

If you have some favorites of your own, please share a link to them in comments!


  1. Love these bookshelves. Now all I need is a house I actually own to put some of them in . . . You too I think. While I have a good sized library, I know yours is even bigger.

    1. Too true. Someday I want a yard so I can put up a Little Free Library.