Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Books I Read in 2012

I read so many good books this year! Mostly it was because grad school forced me to focus my reading, and the faculty and my classmates are so tuned in to the industry and my needs as a reader that they gave me some fantastic recommendations. And now for the hard part—my favorite books from my 2012 reading list.


This book also gets my favorite audiobook of the year. It's a fast-paced adventure, has fascinating characters and the story is totally timeless.

An honorable mention goes to A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, well, really all of Patrick Ness' books.

Historical Fiction

Shakespeare, baseball and modern American history. What more could a girl possibly want?

An honorable mention goes to A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly and her fascination with etymology.

Novel In Verse

This book broke my heart and then pieced it back together again. Porter truly understands the storytelling power of the poetic form and utilizes every line of it.

An honorable mention goes to Thomas and Beulah by Rita Dove, though it's actually a collection of poetry and not a NIV.


I'm still processing my feeling about this book though it's been six months since I read it. Any book that makes me take copious notes that I go back to again rates pretty high in my bibliography.

An honorable mention goes to "The Apology" by Plato, which was a re-read for me.


I have never been so sad to see a series end. I don't read a lot of high fantasy anymore (although it was my regular fare in my late teens), so to find a series this engaging was totally unexpected for me. I can't wait to see what Cinda comes up with next.

An honorable mention goes to The Madman's Daughter by Megan Shepherd, but only because she hasn't finished writing the series yet.

Reading List Analytics
Out of the 85 books I read this year, there were 31 picture books, 25 novels, 21 audiobooks, 8 nonfiction. I gave 21 books five stars, 38 books four stars, 17 three stars and 9 books two stars.

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